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First Anniversary of Tokyo Skytree
Source: NHK

Immediately before the the first anniversary of the opening of TV tower Tokyo Skytree a height of 634 a meter number of visitors of its observation deck has reached 6.34 million.

Opening of the Tokyo Skytree - the highest in the the world of TV tower - was held on 22 May of the last of the year.

On Monday, the devoted to this ceremony has passed on the her the viewing platform at an altitude of 350 meters.

By Visitors room 6.34 million turned out to someone from members of of the family in consisting of four persons from the Prefecture of Tiba the vicinity of Tokyo.

45-year-old head of the family said the, that this is his first visit to TV tower together with the family, and that the this is New Event they will be remembered with the most gracious feelings.
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