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Japan overcame stagnation
Japan has become the fastest growing economy among the G7, after showed GDP growth of 3.5% in I quarter, strongly beating expectations. The main sources of this growth were consumer spending and exports. In turn, the main components of the increase in private consumption have become durable goods and services. The report shows that Japanese consumers are responding positively to the campaign of the government and the Central Bank of the country, aimed at supporting the growth of prices. Specifically, the country has managed to get out of stagnation.

However, as the RBC-TV, while at the same time, Japanese companies still prefer to be cautious. Investment companies in the I quarter of this year were the weakest since the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. But soon the situation may change - the yen against the dollar over the past six months has fallen by 20%, and this spurred the growth of profits, and the government plans to weaken Shinzo Abe regulation.

The GDP deflator, which shows the general level of prices in the economy, fell by 1.2%. This shows that bring Japan out of deflation, which lasts for more than a decade, will be a challenge for the central bank. The Bank of Japan plans to double the monetary base have led to the decline of the yen since the beginning of the year more than 15% against the dollar and nearly 14% against the euro.

Japanese stock market this year has increased by almost 45% - more than double the growth of the U.S. market. Japanese authorities struggle with deflation is reflected in other parts of the world - the rate of price increases in the U.S. and Europe are falling. Source: RBC
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