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Japanese proudly name it NIHON, while foreigners enviously say "The Land of the Rising Sun"

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Japan - News, articles and reviews about the Land of the Rising Sun

Far to the east among the seas and oceans the Japanese Archipelago proudly stretched out its islands. This Archipelago has sheltered one of the most original and unique nations of the world – Japan. It is populated by the Japanese who speak Japanese and have national identity and distinctive traditions. At the same time Japan is one of the most modern and highly-developed countries in the world. For sure everyone knows such words and realties of Japan as samurai, kimono, origami, ikebana and others. But it is a long way from all that things Japan can boast!

This website is dedicated to publishing articles about the Land of the Rising Sun, which we hope will help you learn and get to know better this country, its people, various aspects of their living. Such aspects include economics, history, culture, literature and many other scopes of activities. is of use both to those who have already been familiar to Japan and to those making their first steps in studying of this wonderful country. Professional Orientalists and Japanists can pick up some new information here and broaden their knowledge. Whereas beginners will find it quite easy to start their learning of Japan.

It is no secret that the best way to learn about a country and its features is to visit it and learn all by yourself directly. Maybe to live there for some time. But not everyone has such opportunity, so if you want to know everything or nearly everything about Japan – stay with us! Welcome to Japan! Or, how Japanese call it “Irasshai!” or “Yokoso!”

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