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New article on etiquette in Japan

We are glad to notify you about new entry at our website News, reviews and articles about Japan. The new article is called Etiquette when visiting a Japanese house. As the name of the story says it refers to rules of conduct at home which are traditional for Japan and Japanese. We specifically accented the rules relating to gaijins or foreigners who to our deepest opinion should comply with. We also believe this article will help you avoid awkward situations and any misconduct when visiting a Japanese house.

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brizmus - I love the cover of Beyond the Blossoming Fields too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!Harvee - I'm glad Bellezza will be hnositg a 4th JLit Challenge later this year too. Not that I really need a challenge to motivate me to read JLit. ;)Michelle - The two non-fiction books that I read last year were both very interesting. Polite Lies is ever so slightly dated, but most of it is still very relevant. I look forward to discussing more books with you. :)monnibo - Murakami is definitely one of the most well-known modern Japanese writers. You should give one of his books a try! They are translated but the translations are usually very good. Most of his work has been translated by the same couple of translators, who are very familiar with his style. I've also heard that he writes somewhat straightforwardly in Japanese so his style isn't as obscure or poetic as some of the Japanese classics that are so difficult to translate. thekoolaidmom - I've seen the trailer for the anime movie of Paprika and it does look pretty wild. I've heard of Fruits Basket, but haven't tried it. I guess I wonder if it would be too "kawaii" for my taste. ??Mark David - I know it's hard to fit in all the books we want to read. I'd love to discuss more JLit with you though so I'm very glad to hear you'll be reading Wind-up Bird with us. :)Rebecca - You have so many great books ahead of you!

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