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Source: NHK

Immediately before the the first anniversary of the opening of TV tower Tokyo Skytree a height of 634 a meter number of visitors of its observation deck has reached 6.34 million.

Opening of the Tokyo Skytree - the highest in the the world of TV tower - was held on 22 May of the last of the year.

On Monday, the devoted to this ceremony has passed on the her the viewing platform at an altitude of 350 meters.
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Source: NHK

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he will keep the action of Japanese sanctions against North Korea. However, as Abe added, it will closely monitor the reaction of Pyongyang's visit to North Korea, a senior representative of Japan last week.

As reported from the Japanese government sources, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Japan, Isao Iijima said a high-ranking North Korean officials that Abe wants a final solution to the issues of kidnapping, as well as nuclear and missile issues.

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We are happy to announce that has just finished publishing a series of articles on Public holidays in Japan. This hard work was performed throughout the year. The main article of this series can be found here - Public holidays in Japan. The article describes and lists all Japanese official public holidays currently existing in the Land of the Rising Sun. Also there are articles which describe each holiday in details. The full list of official holidays and links are below:
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One of the most famous english websites about Japan on the internet reviewing some important points of Japanese etiquette has added a link to our web portal linking to the article Etiquette when visiting a Japanese house. You can see the full story here at

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Hello everyone!

Today we have added bookmarks service for social networks - There is a button with bookmarks at every page of our website right above the main menu. From now on you can easily add links to any materials of our site that you like to your social network pages. This allows you to get quick access to information of our website directly from your accounts on facebook, myspace, twitter and many other social networks. Up to date Addthis provides its services with hundreds of social networks and popular websites around the globe. When bookmarking the pages of you get a direct link ... Read more »

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Despite of all problems that Japan has experienced recently and is still experiencing, the country is boldly fighting against these disasters both natural like strong earthquake and tsunami, and anthropogenic ones like crisis at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. We believe in good fate that the things will turn out well for the Japanese people. When Japan overcome troubles we will certainly make the analysis of what has happened but today in support of ordinary Japanese citizens we have issued an article on official public holidays in Japan.
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We have updated our website with a new article How to behave in a Japanese shrine/temple. Everyone knows that there are various religions and confessions in the world. They may be completely different but as for Japan they have two major religions which are closely intertwined - Shintoism and Buddhism. Sometimes orientalists describe such combination as Shinto-Buddhism syncretism and very often a layman can be confused by almost the same exterior of Shintoist shrines and Buddhist temples.
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We are glad to notify you about new entry at our website News, reviews and articles about Japan. The new article is called Etiquette when visiting a Japanese house. As the name of the story says it refers to rules of conduct at home which are traditional for Japan and Japanese. We specifically accented the rules relating to gaijins or foreigners who to our deepest opinion should comply with. We also believe this article will help you avoid awkward situations and any misconduct when visiting a Japanese house.

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Dear visitors!

We are kindly delighted to inform you about launching an English version of our website We decided to give it the name - News, reviews and articles about Japan because we believe it can help people to get to know better Japan itself, its culture, history, economics, politics and many more aspects of Japanese reality. We hope it will be useful for you and your knowledge. As the name of this website says we plan to publish various articles, news and other helpful information relating to Japan. Hope you like it :)< ... Read more »

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