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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced details of a growth strategy. He said that the goal - to increase the gross national income per capita from the current level of about 15,000 dollars over 10 years.

Speaking on Wednesday in Tokyo, Abe said that the vitality of the private sector will be the main driving force in the future.

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Japan's parliament approved a bill to establish a fund with the participation of public and private capital to help finance infrastructure projects.

The government plans to set up the fund in the current year and to include projects in the framework of the so-called Initiatives of private funding, projects or PFI, in their strategic plans for economic growth.

It is assumed that in the framework of PFI with private capital will finance the construction and management of public infrastructure.

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The Japanese parliament passed a law prohibiting retailers stimulate sales growth, which involves the consumption tax refund to buyers after the increase in the tax rate, scheduled for the next fiscal year.

The Japanese government plans to raise the consumption tax from three to eight per cent in April next year.

On Wednesday, at a plenary session of the upper house of parliament passed a law for a smooth transition to the higher rate of tax.

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Japan National Team Cup for the fifth time in a row secured a ticket to the final of World Cup football.

In today's column VIEW sports journalist Nobu Kobayashi talks about the potential of the Japanese national football team, as well as the challenges that she has to decide before the start of the World Cup, which will open next June in Brazil.

According to Nobuo Kobayashi, the current composition of the team make up the majority of players who favor foreign football clubs. The main factor behind the current success is the increased level of team building, which says the presence in it of ... Read more »
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The operator of nuclear power plant "Fukushima Dai-ichi" reported a new leak of radioactive water. At this time, of the ground tank.

Representatives of the Tokyo Denryoku said the leak discovered operating company on Wednesday around noon.

This is one of the built in May of this year, storage tanks contaminated water that is pumped from underground reservoirs.

Tokyo Denryoku company explains that water was leaking through the crack in t ... Read more »
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Japanese national supervisory authority in the nuclear field has published several photos taken during his first investigation on the site of the nuclear accident in 2011 at a nuclear power plant "Fukushima Dai-ichi."

Investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as its main objective to find out whether the cooling system of the reactor number 1 at this nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake before the nuclear power plant hit by ... Read more »
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The Tokyo Stock Exchange key index NIKKEI fell on Wednesday more than 500 points, showing the third largest decline this year.

Commodity experts say that investors have not heard anything new in the speech of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, devoted to economic growth strategy. This has led to the placement of orders for the sale of shares in a wide variety of names, including securities exporting companies.

Appreciation of the yen in foreign markets also had an impact on the sale of financial instruments on the stock exchange in Tokyo.
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The new attractive opportunities open to enthusiasts of luxury rail travel in Japan in the early spring of 2016.

The railway company JR Higashi Nihon plans to sell package tours organized on the model of the ocean cruises, during which participants travel in a few days will show a variety of tourist attractions.

This will be used by special trains, where luxury service will be provided only about 35 passengers. In six of the ten wagons of such formulations will be equipped coupe that rivals the convenience class hotel room "luxury."
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The Government of Japan intends to increase financial support to fishermen affected by rising fuel prices.

Association of fishery cooperatives said that the weakening of the yen increases the cost of fuel, so that the whole industry suffers losses. The association is putting pressure on the government, demanding assistance.

Rising prices have forced many fishermen to reduce its activities.

Source: NHK
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Japanese carmaker Toyota has announced that it will recall more than 240,000 of its vehicles with hybrid power plant worldwide. The reason stated is a potential for failure of brake system.

Cars are subject to review two models with hybrid - Prius, and Lexus HS250H, which were issued during the period from March to October 2009.

Source: NHK
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