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Activities of yakuza

Due to what exists and what the Japanese mafia? What is the source of income of the Yakuza? In this article we will discuss these and other issues related to the main activities by organized crime in Japan.

Comparing the activity boryokudan with their foreign counterparts, we can see that the whole forms and means the same. Many yakuza is perceived as something exotic, extravagant, not without a share of romanticism. But if you ignore the grafted memorable movies such as cutting off parts of the phalanx, tattoos, ritual suicide, and the commitment of bushido - the samurai code of honor, we find the clan system, loyalty and total submission to the senior junior in rank within the gang.

Compared to organized crime in other countries, in which the composition and structure, methods and activities are covered by the mafia relative mystery, yakuza membership has the most "legal" mafia system. And the authorities and the public aware of the location of the headquarters of the yakuza, which often can even see the arms of this or that group. Some members of the yakuza are worn on jackets badges with the logo of his clan. And the media as far as possible make a kind of advertising yakuza, regularly reporting on various events in the clans and lighting for birthdays, weddings or funerals.

According to various sources in Japan from two to two and a half thousand criminal groups that make up a complex system of organization of the yakuza. Some groups are constantly engaged in the redistribution of spheres of influence, using, including the methods of force against one another. Other cooperate, benefiting from its alliances. Real income of the yakuza are calculated astronomical figures, but the exact number no one really knows, because the profit from the informal sector of the economy can not be determined. And the drug business in a number of sources of income Yakuza is one of the first places.

It is ironic, but the original distributor of drugs in Japan in the first half of the twentieth century were not yakuza, and the state. The militarists came to power, immediately drew attention to the powerful drugs. Widespread among the soldiers and working the night shift civilians received stimulant Philoponus, enhances vision in the dark, but addictive. After Japan's defeat in World War II, more people are taking this medication, to fling away the reality of devastation, the lack of essential goods. As a result, this has led to the fact that the government was forced to adopt a law significantly restricting the use of drugs. Narcotic drugs are now illegal, and the majority of laboratories, manufacturing potent substances were closed or placed under strict state control. Since then, the Yakuza began to control even already substantially limited, but nevertheless, bringing some benefit market for drugs.

In the sixties began a period of hard drugs, such as, for example, heroin. Heroin business is growing, but the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. served as the government embarked on a serious drug traffickers, virtually destroying heroin distribution networks in Japan, as well as isolating many yakuza from society by putting them in places not so remote. Yakuza ties with foreign suppliers of heroin were lost.

All these troubles have not affected beliefs mafia involved in such profitable as drug trafficking. Subsequently, the manufacturing base has been moved to South Korea, where there have been many illegal laboratories producing amphetamines and then methamphetamine, which were the prime stimulants, which they traded yakuza until the mid-eighties, when at the intergovernmental level between South Korea and Japan have taken steps joint anti-drug mafia. That, however, did not affect the activities of the yakuza in this area, so the production was moved to Taiwan, which to this day is one of the largest suppliers of drugs in Japan.

In recent years, experts say the ever increasing rise in heroin, cocaine, hallucinogens, marijuana, and other drugs. Each year, thousands of police identify cases of sale and consumption of drugs. However, this drop in the ocean, which is not surprising when the number of police today. Japan is currently experiencing a turning point when it can decide - whether the country will continue to follow the path of drugs or can radically change the situation and not to repeat the bitter experience of the United States and some European countries.

What unites the yakuza organized crime in other countries? This coverage of all the shadow areas of the economy, state and society. Japanese mafia controls the illicit arms trade, racketeering, gambling, prostitution, counterfeiting of currency, securities, and credit cards, speculation in real estate, influences policy at the municipal, so at the parliamentary level. One of the modern features not only the yakuza, but organized crime in other countries, is becoming increasingly integrated in a semi-legal, and even in the legal business.

Yakuza gets a percentage of the small business owners, owners of restaurants and cafes. Why go under the criminal article, doing open robbery or theft, if you can do more clever and put their activities on almost legitimate rails? For example, doing road "set up" or feigning injuries allegedly received in an automobile accident.

Also there are specific methods of the Yakuza. Sokayya - extortionists who are present at the annual meetings of the various commercial firms. The fact that every Japanese person has the right to buy shares of a company. And even per share, which is already giving the right to attend the annual meetings of shareholders. Yakuza use this opportunity as follows: having come to the meeting, they make it a scandal, exposing the whole and the whole of the executive team, criticizing the decision of the management, etc. Thus they obstruct the meeting and adoption of the financial statements. Such fights are making disruption to the business and lead to significant financial costs as well as the meeting has to constantly move. Therefore, the management companies often goes to an agreement with sokayya by paying them fairly decent amount for their silence, and sometimes voice support for the yakuza, who can easily argue with any criticism.

Toritateya - professionals who are committed to knock out debts from defaulters. That is, on behalf of the creditors, they become unofficial police officers who can apply some sanctions against the debtor to recover the required amount.

Sayre - a kind of "intellectual" racket, where the company by threatening the victim, conviction and cunning schemes lead to financial bankruptcy. And after that, Sayre skims the cream from the sale of property of the bankrupt company.

Tiageya (Dziageya) - people who are engaged in speculation in the purchase and sale of land.

Yakuza firmly penetrated on the stock markets of the country. Through thousands of front companies, the Mafia has been speculation securities. In addition, the yakuza also trades in shares of national companies, as is often the largest investors of some companies, the management of which is has no idea who their true shareholders.

Despite the fact that the yakuza still engaged in illegal activity, we can not say that the mobsters are the outcasts of society. Rather, it is believed that the activities of the yakuza - it's a kind of business, if not always legal. Regarding the "legal" status Yakuza allows the state to some extent, to control them. Let the authorities sometimes cover their eyes to what the yakuza, but because it is holding back the yakuza spontaneous unorganized crime, making Japan the safest country in the world.

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