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Greenery Day (Midori no hi)
Greenery Day (みどりの日 Midori no hi). As we have already told in one of our previous articles, this holiday was originally Emperor Hirohito’ s birthday and then actually was named Greenery Day. Since 2007 it is celebrated on May 4 replacing an "empty” holiday between Constitution Memorial Day and Children’s Day.
The name of the holiday itself is linked to Emperor Showa’s love of nature and environment. During his numerous trips around Japan after World War II when the Emperor came to support morally suffered families, there were organized various festivals of tree planting. Furthermore he was keen on sea biology and even published some of his research papers in this field.
Most of Japanese do not attach special meaning to this holiday. It is believed that Greenery Day is devoted to late spring when flora in Japan is blooming and turning green. This is a period of sunny weather so a lot of people have a good time outdoors with their families and friends.
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1 Gayuh   [Entry]
Maybe Japan would be beettr off defaulting . Perhaps, but would any lessons be learned? Chances are, the same old, same, old people would turn around and start doing the same thing all over again. And the rest of the population would let them. A recent TV debate on TPP made absolutely no mention of whether the government should be making decisions about who will or will not sell or buy what at what price. Only then will people begin thinking about common objectives, rather than keep with the pervasive mentality of self-preservation on a sinking ship. A minor quibble, but common objectives is the smokescreen put up by groups to hide their grab for power. Isn't the problem, rather, that people do not see their true LONG-TERM self-interest with enough clarity?I look forward to more posts.

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