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Showa Day (Showa no hi)

Showa Day (昭和の日, Showa no hi). After accession to the throne of the 124th emperor of Japan named Hirohito April 29 was set as a national holiday and was being celebrated as "The Emperor’s Birthday” right up to his death in 1989. Hirohito’s reigning years have been called Showa period. After Hirohito’s demise The Public Holiday Law was amended and this holiday was renamed into the Greenery Day remaining the national public holiday.

But why did April 29 become the Showa Day in 2007? First, Showa period is the longest one in Japanese history marked with indeed turning points in the country’s life – World War II that had brought defeat to militaristic Japan; rapid economical postwar upturn and improvement in quality of life; the Olympic Games and many other events and developments the 20th century was saturated with.

Second, after defeat in World War II emperor Hirohito declared that he "becomes human” i.e. waiving divine origin. That was one of the key moments in the Japanese postwar revival.

As time goes by many Japanese have forgotten the initial meaning and significance of this holiday. But some of them still keep their divine emperor in mind and honor him even after his death. Thus there have been some activists who wished the name of the holiday went more comprehensive and reminding of past Showa period. The Law was appropriately amended and, as we mentioned above, since 2007 this holiday has grasped its name – the Showa Day. This day signifies the start of the Golden Week.

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1 cheyenne   [Entry]
what do they eat on this day thats what i need to know like really hit me back if you know please

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