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Japanese Alps. Tateyama-Kurobe
In Japan, there are the Alps ... Yes, yes, do not be surprised, these mountains are called - Japanese Alps. Mountain Tourist Route Tateyama-Kurobe runs from the Sea of ​​Japan coast of Toyama in Nagano Prefecture in central Japan. Tateyama-Kurobe - is one of the most popular mountain tourist destinations in the world and, according to research by the Japan National Tourism Organization, took third place in the list of attractions that foreign tourists who visited Japan, recommend to other guests of the rising sun.
Cable cars, buses and cable cars. Virtually the entire path between the Tateyama-Kurobe Tateyama station in the same town and the station in the town of Omachi Ogisava passes through the national park Chubu Sangaku. In a straight line this alpine route is a little less than 25 miles away, but that has to constantly go up and down from the mountains, and the vertical drop is almost two thousand meters. So in fact the distance is much longer.
Because of the rather harsh natural conditions and climate, the route used by the various modes of transport, from which you can observe extremely delicious and varied picture of the area. The first thing you need to do at the starting point, Tateyama Station - is to sit down in the lift, which takes you 500 meters up the hill at an angle of 29 degrees to Bidzedayra. From there, a special bus will take you to the train station MUROD provided above of all the stations in Japan. If you will be traveling in the spring, then your look the unforgettable sight: the so-called "snow corridor" - you will travel by bus along the corridor, and on both sides you will be surrounded by twenty-meter snow drifts.
From the station MUROD the only route to the observation deck in Daykambo tunnel will carry you through the trolley. Under the observation deck is meant here the trailer cable car that goes from Daykambo to Kurobedayra. From the windows of the trailer you can watch the scenery, a breathtaking and heart-stopping. Panoramic view opens at 360 degrees, so it is often a cable car called the "rotating observation deck." In Kurobedayra you sit down to a single in Japan and the underground funicular ride to the station Kurobeko that Lake Kurobe. Short walk along the dam, and here you are at the station, which is called "Kurobe Dam."
One of the attractive features of the tourist route on the Japan Alps is that you can experience the unique feeling, first moving up the hill, then under the ground, and finally, the cable car above the ground.
Dynamic landscape. Mount Tateyama, along with the tops Fuji and Haku, is revered as a sacred for already more than thirteen centuries. MUROD Tateyama mountain village, which is situated just on the middle of the road alpine route, the mountain is considered the oldest settlement in Japan and officially recognized as a national treasure.
Tourist service began operating in this uncomfortable, but beautiful area in 1971, immediately after the discovery of Kurobe Dam, which has become a symbol of Japan's economic growth and technological progress. The arduous process of building this dam was nearly turned into a movie. At first the road was built to deliver on its construction materials to the dam. Then followed a line of construction in very difficult conditions tunnel Tateyama, which allows to make these places in the region attractive to tourists.
Kurobe Dam - is one of the world's largest hydroelectric dams, which makes it almost the main attraction of the Alpine route. The discharge of water from the dam during the period from June to October - a good show for the tourists.
Japanese Alps offer many attractions on the way from the Tateyama Kurobe up. And, although heavy snowfall forced to close the route from December to March, April to November lovers of outdoor activities can safely go there to be impressed by the dynamic landscapes of 3,000-meter peaks of the Northern Alps and the magnificent valley of Kurobe.
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