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Japanese magnetic levitation train made its debut in the open air
Japan's first model train on a magnetic cushion for commercial use was taken to the railroad tracks for the tests in the open air.

On Monday, representatives of the railway company, JR Tokai presented a model train LO in experimental ways in Yamanashi Prefecture in central Japan. The length of these paths is now increased to 43 kilometers, to allow full-scale test runs.

The composition of the five cars that are pulled to a locomotive, slowly moved along the path to check that adequate clearance between the bottom of the train and devices on the ground.

Commercial operation of maglev trains on the route between Tokyo and Nagoya to begin in 2027. The train that will reach speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour, will cover the distance between the two cities in 40 minutes.

According to the company, it will start high-speed test runs in September.

Source: NHK
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