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On Thursday in New York, the U.S. dollar at one point fell to a level of 95 yen. For the first time in about six weeks the dollar has gone down to the mark.

On the New York foreign exchange market dealers have stepped up selling dollars and buying yen before the announcement on Friday of data on U.S. employment. Many dealers intend to use these statistics to predict whether the Federal Reserve to reduce the scale of their fiscal policy easing.

Another factor more active dollar sales was a press conference held on Thursday, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. He did not say anythin ... Read more »
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The dollar exchange rate on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange in early trade on Friday and went down at 12 pm was 96.6 yen.

The euro exchange rate against the yen also fell sharply. Euro was sold at the rate of 128 yen, down 2.3 yen lower than the previous day's total trading.

Source: NHK
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U.S. military command Thursday night lifted restrictions on flights in the airspace surrounding the military and Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture in southwestern Japan.

Restrictions which were introduced in April, committed the pilots of small aircraft in advance to notify command in cases of use of the airspace in a radius of 30 kilometers around the U.S. Kadena base.

Of the employees of the base personnel equipped with anti-aircraft missiles Patriot Advanced Capability-3. It is believed that the restrictions were the measure taken in response to a likely missile launch by North Korea ... Read more »
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Japanese government has prepared a draft law on the establishment of the National Security Council, which will deal with issues of foreign and security policy.

The bill was approved at a cabinet meeting on Friday.

It says that the Prime Minister will chair this council, and its members would be the ministers of foreign affairs and defense, as well as Cabinet Secretary.

Members of the Board will determine the medium-and long-term strateg ... Read more »
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Japanese government on Friday decided to implement policies to promote science and technology innovation.

Leading role in the implementation of this policy will be performed by the Board provided a comprehensive strategy of the government.

The Council will make decisions on research projects and development projects with the aim of revitalizing the country's economy, as well as provide them with subsidies, regardless of the available items in the budget.

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The Tokyo District Administration has adopted rules to prevent problems due to the increasing number of runners jogging around the Imperial Court.

In recent years, the sidewalks around the Imperial Court in Chiyoda attract more and more people doing jogging for health. Sometimes their number goes up to 10,000 people a day.

Such an accumulation of runners causes numerous complaints from pedestrians who say they just do not face the runners. This prompted the local government district to form a committee composed of experts, the runners and the police to discuss security issues.
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June 6 manufacturers plum fruit liqueurs in Japan celebrated the Day of the harvest of plums.

According to legend, about 450 years ago, the Emperor of Japan made an offering Gonar Shinto temple, asking the gods for that they sent down a country rich harvest. It happened on 6 June and the offering were just plum.

On Thursday, the producers of liqueurs from plums in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan, the traditional way to celebrate the Day of the drain.

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