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Japanese government is working on ways of early implementation of strategies for economic growth.

The government submitted a draft strategy on Wednesday at a meeting of the council.

This project includes the graph and numeric goals. It calls for the adoption of measures in the field of agr ... Read more »
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Stock prices in Tokyo fell on Thursday, as a key Nikkei index at the close of the Exchange dropped below 13,000 points for the first time in two months.

The index Nikkei, which reflects the average share price 225 companies totaled 12,904 at the end of trading points, 110 points lower than Wednesday. This is the lowest level since April 5.

A more general index Topix, which reflects the average price of the shares of companies represented in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the close of trading down by 19 points compared to the previous day to a mark of 1,070 points. ... Read more »
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In today's column VIEW vice-chairman of the Japan Research Institute, Kenji Yumoto a project by a growth strategy.

In order to put an end to deflation, you must create an environment in which companies can gain competitive, to lead the development of new products, to increase exports to the Asian markets, as well as to take on risks of starting a new business in the domestic market. The draft growth strategy identifies four areas in which the government will focus its efforts. These areas include medicine and health, energy, infrastructure, next generation, as well as agriculture. The government will use all available resources policy, namely regulatory reform, tax incentives, as well as fiscal measures as an incentive for companies to attract ... Read more »
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Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto suggested that U.S. troops spent part of training flights of convert-planes Osprey near the city of Osaka.

Hashimoto met Thursday with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

He expressed his proposal in response to safety concerns, which are distributed in Okinawa Prefecture, where these are placed tiltrotor U.S. armed forces.

At a meeting with Prime Minister Hashimoto was accompanied by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture, ... Read more »
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The deputies of the local assembly in Okinawa demanded that the Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto apologized for his words to the effect that the American soldiers based there, to be enjoyed by local institutions of sexual services.

Members of the prefecture Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution expressing its protest said Hashimoto and addressing him, demanding an apology residents of Okinawa.

Hashimoto made the proposal to the representative of U.S. military commanders during his visit to the prefecture last month.
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Government of Japan intends to establish a prize in honor of Yuichiro Miura - 80-year-old climber who has done in the past month, climbing Mount Everest, becoming the oldest man conquering this highest peak in the world.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday invited Miura in his residence in Tokyo, to inform him of this intention of the government.
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The Japanese government plans to prepare emergency laws and measures necessary for the implementation of a growth strategy.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told about the project's growth strategy in the environment, and also introduced the terms and planned figures for the performance of each plan.

This includes doubling the income of farmers over 10 years through the development and implementation of the necessary measures, tripling the export of products relating to infrastructure projects to approximately $ 300 billion in 2020 financial year.
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Francois Hollande are going to make a joint statement promising cooperation in the field of defense and nuclear technology.

On Thursday, Hollande arrives in Japan on his first state visit.

During their meeting on Friday, Abe plans to express its concerns about the contract of French companies in the field of defense with China on the sale of an advanced system that will allow helicopters to take off and land on ships.

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Weak yen - is both good and bad for Japanese consumers. It revitalizes the stock market, but at the same time increases the price of food.

The leading wine producer in Japan because of a weaker yen in September, will raise the price of 800 names of the products.

Mercian company will raise prices by 3 - 8 percent. Increase will apply to imported wine and wine made in Japan using imported grape juice. This is the first price increase in nearly four years, which is made by the company, a member of the Kirin Group.
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Children of Japan located in the central city of Niigata took part in the competition to launch kites. They raised to the sky huge hand-made kites.

About 30 youth teams launched into the sky kites before the competition of adults who will start from Thursday. This traditional event has been 300 years of history.

Children with their kites gathered on the banks of the river. Artistically made products were the size of about 9 square meters. meters.

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