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Manufacturers plum fruit liqueurs in Japan on June 6 Day celebrated drain
June 6 manufacturers plum fruit liqueurs in Japan celebrated the Day of the harvest of plums.

According to legend, about 450 years ago, the Emperor of Japan made an offering Gonar Shinto temple, asking the gods for that they sent down a country rich harvest. It happened on 6 June and the offering were just plum.

On Thursday, the producers of liqueurs from plums in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan, the traditional way to celebrate the Day of the drain.

First, employees of local shops producing liqueurs washed with pure water to about 10 tons of freshly picked plums. Plums then dried approximately one hour, and then they were placed in the bottle with pure alcohol with sugar.

As they say manufacturers, cordials that are different strong plum flavor and a very pleasant taste, are ready to eat in a year and go to the stores in the country and abroad.

Source: NHK
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