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News Digest for 12/06/13
South Korea continues to show a willingness to engage in dialogue after the failure of the North to participate in negotiations

South Korea once again called on North Korea to engage in bilateral talks after the North canceled inter-Korean meeting, scheduled for Wednesday.

South Korean Minister of Unification Ryu Jae Gil told reporters on Wednesday that the impasse in the negotiations suggests that the re-alignment of inter-Korean relations is a painful process.

In this case, Ryu Jae Gil added that North Korea must show sincerity if Pyongyang wants to move forward.

North and South Korea have agreed to hold, starting Wednesday, two days of high-level intergovernmental meeting in Seoul. However, on Tuesday evening, after the parties failed to resolve differences on the question of who should lead the delegation of each party informed the North South on its refusal to participate.

VIEW: Senior NHK commentator Tadashi Ideisi about the prospects of negotiations between North and South Korea

In today's installment, we asked senior VIEW NHK commentator Tadashi Ideisi talk about the prospects of negotiations and North and South Korea.

According to him, the negotiations may not begin immediately. But both sides are ready to repeat attempts to resume the dialogue. Pyongyang has said that "lays" its delegation, while Seoul says it will continue to urge North Korea to begin negotiations. According to Tadashi Ideisi when the heat subsides over the latest dispute, the two sides once again renew their efforts by conducting preparatory talks at the working level.

Both countries realize that they must soften its stance to some extent, because otherwise you can end the war. They understand the need for dialogue.

South Korea, supported by the United States, North Korea - China. Recently passed the US-China summit talks. Both the U.S. and China do not want to worsen the situation on the Korean peninsula. North Korea is willing to hold direct talks with the United States, and for this to happen, it is necessary to improve relations with South Korea. Given the current situation, the expert believes that the changes to the plan will not search for a dialogue, although the process may be delayed for a while.

The ceremony in memory of those killed in the latest fighting in Okinawa Prefecture, may be held with the participation of Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs of Japan

A senior Japanese government announced that the ministers of foreign affairs and national defense may be present during a memorial ceremony to commemorate the events of World War II, to be held in Okinawa later this month, along with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Every year on June 23 in Okinawa Prefecture held a mourning ceremony in memory of the ground combat that took place in these areas in the last days of the war. It is believed that by this date ended fighting between the parts of the armies of the United States and Japan.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Esihide Suga on Wednesday held a press conference. He said that based on the position of the Government, headed by Shinzo Abe, is the desire to remember the feelings of the people, whose share fell out of suffering, and the desire to work together with the residents of Okinawa in order to reduce the burden that this prefecture is due to placement in her numerous U.S. military bases.

So far in this annual commemorative ceremony was attended by a prime minister, the ministers of defense and foreign affairs were not present on it.

The governor of Fukushima Prefecture inquired about the elimination of all nuclear reactors in the region

The governor of Fukushima prefecture requested the Japanese government to eliminate all its nuclear reactors in the region severely affected by the accident at the nuclear power plant after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

The head of the prefecture Yuuhei Sato gave a written request to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Toshimitsu Motegi on Wednesday in Tokyo.

Sato asked to decommission all nuclear reactors, "Fukushima Dai-ichi" and "Fukushima Dai-ni." He said the prefecture is aimed at sustainable social development with zero dependence on nuclear power.

The governor told the minister that most of the requests of its prefectures associated with the disaster at the plant. According to Sato, the reconstruction of the region are carried out successfully, but the prefecture is still in a difficult situation after the accident.

Japan's parliament approved a bill related to the accession to the Hague Convention on Child Custody

Japan's parliament removed the last obstacle to the entry into force of an international agreement on the basis of which resolved disagreements over child custody.

Last month, Japan's parliament approved the country's participation in the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction.

On Wednesday, the upper house of parliament unanimously approved a bill that would bring the provisions of this Convention.

The Convention provides that a child who was one of the parents took with him to another country without the consent of the other parent must be returned to the State of habitual residence.

According to Japanese law, the hearing of the cases which fall under the scope of this convention will be held only in the Tokyo and Osaka family courts.

These cases will be closed. The courts granted the right to take a child from a parent who refuses to cooperate.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Tokyo Stock Exchange stock quotes partially played a morning dip

In Wednesday trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange ended with a slight decline in stock prices. In the course of the morning session on the trading floor was a sharp drop in prices caused by the strengthening of the exchange rate of the Japanese currency.

Applications for the sale of shares on the entire list of names has led to the fact that the Nikkei briefly dropped to below 13,000 points, which is more than 300 points below the previous day's results.

In the afternoon, the index regained some positions, mainly due to the request of the acquisition of shares in companies related to the export of products.

According to analysts, in the short term among investors remain nervous as they experience fatigue from the prolonged period of instability in the market.

The Bank of Japan intends to stimulate lending to businesses

The Bank of Japan is launching a new program of low-interest loans to financial institutions, to encourage companies to make loans.

Representatives of the Bank of Japan said that this month will provide borrowings 70 financial institutions that increased their lending business from January to March.

Loans will be issued under 0.1% per annum and can be provided every three months to five times.

The total debt will exceed $ 31 billion.

The representatives of the central bank's claim that the new program is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the current policy of monetary easing.

At the exhibition in Los Angeles, Sony and Microsoft to show off their new models of game consoles

Two companies, the leading competition in the market of gaming consoles, met face to face on the world's largest exhibition game industry in Los Angeles.

In the exposition of Sony a queue of visitors wanting to try out a new game console PlayStation 4. This model is equipped with a function to allow users to see the same image of the gaming scene, passed on their TV screens via the Internet.

Attracted the attention of visitors and a new game console from Microsoft called Xbox One. This model allows the user to control the gameplay via voice commands and gestures.

In the lists of victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima name will be added to 3,234

In Hiroshima, began work to supplement the annual lists of names of the dead at the time of the atomic bombing of the city in 1945.

Two former employees of the municipality enter the names and dates of death of newly identified victims and survivors of a nuclear attack, who died last year.

This year, 3,234 will be added to the name. Who is on the list of victims of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima - 280,968 people.

The police and the Self-Defense Forces of Japan held joint anti-terror exercise

On Wednesday, officials of the Ground Self-Defense Forces of Japan and the police conducted a joint anti-terrorist exercises, which involved the scenario of confrontation between armed agents.

According to the scenario, which was practiced during the exercise, by order of the Prime Minister's Self-Defense Forces conducted security operations from the entry into the country of foreign agents.

The employees of the police and the Self-Defense Forces stationed in Tokyo and neighboring Chiba Prefecture, jointly conducted a search of agents combing the streets and checking vehicles.

Source: NHK
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