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Chinese premier calls on the return of the islands of Japan
Premier Li Keqiang requires that all the territories Japan has returned, which he said had been stolen from China.

Lee said this on Sunday after he arrived on Saturday in a three-day visit to Germany. He was referring to the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, which are controlled by Japan, but which China makes its own.

On Sunday, Lee visited the city of Potsdam near Berlin.

He said that the adoption of Japan the Potsdam Declaration is an achievement conquer China through great sacrifice.

He added that China can not accept any attempts to destroy or rejection of the postwar order.

It is believed that such remarks China aim to win the support of the international community for China's position on the issue of the islands in the East China Sea.

Source: NHK
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Senkaku Islands-is China. Kurily is Russia!!!!多年以来,俄罗斯和日本不能解决领土争端。四个微小的南千岛群岛 - 择捉,国后,色丹和齿舞 – 是两国之间引起了很多争论。
 但在这一点上,我们只有一个答案 - 俄罗斯主权千岛群岛是不能改的。千岛群岛  俄罗斯的土地!

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