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On Monday, the Tokyo Stock Exchange took the second biggest collapse in the key index this year, reflecting investors' concerns about future trends.

After the collapse of the previous week on Monday trading actively sold 225 shares of companies included in the index Nikkei, citing the fact that for some time he fell more than 580 points.

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For two days in a row last week fluctuations in the Nikkei index exceeded a thousand points. In today's installment, we asked LOOK Research Institute senior economist Koji Takeuchi MIZUHO comment of the recent volatility in stock prices in Tokyo and comment on the prospects for the future.

First, as said Takeuchi, stock prices have grown at a very rapid pace. As for the index Nikkei, then the players in the market had expected at the end of this year it will reach 16,000 points. Since the Nikkei has almost reached this level, it is, according to Takeuchi, said that the market is overheated. May 22 when the dollar temporarily reached 103 yen, the yen decline has stopped. According to Takeuchi, this was another reason for the sale of the shares.< ... Read more »
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According to the minutes of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Japan, not all of its members agree with the forecast of the central bank to achieve a two-percent inflation rate within a specified time limit.

On Monday, the Bank of Japan published the minutes of the Board of Directors, which was held in late April.

According to the protocol of the 9 members of the Board of Directors of the bank, most consider it possible to achieve by the end of that two-year period, namely, for the fiscal year 2015 inflation target of about 2%.
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As announced on Monday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission of Japan, it is temporarily classified the recent leak of radiation in a research lab as a failure of the first level. On the international scale of nuclear accidents and radiological events classified levels from 0 to 7.

Leak occurred on Thursday in the laboratory of Japan Atomic Energy Agency in Ibaraki prefecture north of Tokyo. At least 30 people were exposed to radiation.

The Commission reported that the radiation leak will not affect the country's population.
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The operator of a nuclear facility in the village of Rokkasho in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan completed all the tests before the start, but it is unclear when the facility will be used for commercial purposes.

This object reprocessing owned by Nihon Gennen. The company says that it has successfully completed all tests required in order to let the object into operation.

The final test began on May 8 and ended on Sunday. Its purpose was to secure a glass melting furnace which is used for solidification of waste water with high radiation levels.
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Japanese opposition leader took back his words and apologized to them for that high-ranking officer of U.S. forces in Okinawa council institutions enjoy the adult entertainment industry. This is his statement provoked a mixed reaction.

On Monday, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan in Tokyo, one of the leaders of the Party of the restoration of Japan Toru Hashimoto touched his series of controversial statements that have caused widespread criticism within the country and abroad.

Hashimoto told reporters that he would urge the U.S. forces in Japan to strengthen the disciplin ... Read more »
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Sales of restaurant chains across Japan fell in April compared with the same period last year.

Japanese Association of food service said on Monday that sales of 213 restaurants operators fell compared with the same month last year to 0.3%. This is the first drop in sales year on year to 2 months.

The association says it heavy rains in early April, which forced people to stay home.

She says that consumers still prefer to order cheap meal ... Read more »
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Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Esihide Suga criticized remarks Premier Li Keqiang, who said that Japan should return to China all the territories which she had stolen.

Suga told this correspondent on Monday after the Sunday Lee made ​​this statement in Potsdam near Berlin.

Suga said in a statement, Lee ignores history. He also said that if his words referred to China's claims to the Senkaku Islands, they are completely unacceptable for Japan.

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Representatives of the Met Office in Japan reported that the three south-western parts of the country began the rainy season.

On Monday, they reported that the seasonal characteristics of the front and low pressure indicates the occurrence of the rainy season in parts of Kyushu, Chugoku and Shikoku.

Depending on the region it is from 4 to 11 days earlier than average.

Source: NHK
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Fears of further stock price declines have led to the fact that on Monday during the hours of the morning trading in Tokyo, there was a collapse in stock prices of firms entire spectrum of industries.

The key Nikkei index temporarily lost more than 580 points.

From the start of trading orders were made on the sale of shares of a wide spectrum. This is due to fears of continued volatility in prices after the end of trading last Thursday Nikkei recorded the most significant drop in 13 years.

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Early in the morning on Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has returned home after a visit to Myanmar. It was the first visit by the Japanese government in this country of Southeast Asia for 36 years.

On Sunday, Abe met with President Thein Sein in the capital Naypyidaw Myanmar. After the summit, the two leaders issued a joint statement in which it said that the public and private sectors in Japan will assist in the democratization and economic development of Myanmar.

Both leaders confirmed in a statement that the government of Myanmar will continue efforts to address various issues ... Read more »
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Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives on Monday in a three-day visit to Japan.

His talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be held in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Abe and Singh's visit to India to discuss the Emperor and Empress of Japan, which could take place as early as this year.

It is expected that India will offer Abe loans totaling approximately $ 700 million for the construction of the subway line in the western city of ... Read more »
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Japan Atomic Energy Agency reported that the new data has confirmed 24 people have been exposed to radiation from the accident last week.

The accident occurred in the laboratory agency in Ibaraki prefecture north of Tokyo, when the researchers bombarded the gold proton beams to generate the elementary particles.

Previously, the agency reported that radiation exposure were six male researchers.

Further tests of those who were in the acci ... Read more »
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Premier Li Keqiang requires that all the territories Japan has returned, which he said had been stolen from China.

Lee said this on Sunday after he arrived on Saturday in a three-day visit to Germany. He was referring to the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, which are controlled by Japan, but which China makes its own.

On Sunday, Lee visited the city of Potsdam near Berlin.

He said that the adoption of Japan the Potsdam Declaration ... Read more »
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80-year-old Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura said he received a beautiful gift, having made a successful ascent of Mount Everest.

Miura began his ascent from the base camp at an altitude of 5,300 meters on May 16. Last Thursday, he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848 meters, becoming the oldest conqueror of the highest peak in the world.

On Sunday the 80-year-old Miura was taken by helicopter from a height of 6,400 meters in Nepal's capital Kathmandu.

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The Japanese film "Like father, like son" won a special jury prize at the Cannes International Film Festival.

This film directed by Hirokazu Koreeda was part of the twenty bands competition program of the festival, claiming the Palme d'Or.

The film is about a married couple who found out that his son, whom they raised six years, is not their biological child, because children mixed up in the hospital.

Koreeda said that he wants to share ... Read more »
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Japan's prime minister is visiting Myanmar, leading the mission, the purpose of which is to build relations with this country.

The plane of the Prime Minister of Japan on Friday landed at the airport in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city. Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese leader to visit the country for 36 years.

During the three-day visit Abe plans to visit a special economic zone near Yangon Tilava. In addition, he will meet with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Officials from the Government of Japan for the first time to take part in the negotiations on free trade in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in July.

Representatives of the governments of 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region have completed another round of TPP negotiations in Lima, Peru on Friday. The next meeting participants agreed to hold in Malaysia from 15 to 25 July.

Japan will not be able to take part in the negotiations TPP until July 23, until you complete the appropriate procedure in the United States. This means that in the July round negotiation Japan will participate for ... Read more »
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An influential advisory body to the government of Japan is finalizing proposals on how to reduce, beginning from 2021 fiscal year, the ratio of government debt to GDP of the country.

The Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of Japan plans to finalize the program of medium-and long-term fiscal recovery to the next month.

By March next year, when Japan will end the current fiscal year, total public debt in Japan, including the debt of the central government and local authorities to reach the amount in excess of $ 9 trillion 100 billion.
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Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of the damaged nuclear power plant "Fukushima Dai-ichi" is expected later this year completely bring into the cleaning system of the accumulated radioactive water from the reactors.

System ALPS, in question is able to filter out 62 types of radioactive substances.

Tokyo Denryoku has three such installations. In one of them the end of the test conducted in March.

On Friday, the company presented ... Read more »
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