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Consumer spending is a Japanese family of two or more people in April rose for the fourth consecutive month. According to government data, the increased costs of travel and food.

On Friday, the Japanese government reported that in April, one family spent an average of about $ 3,000. This is 1.5% more than a year ago, adjusted for inflation Jenova year.
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A senior IMF official warned Japan about the need to implement a strategy to improve the financial health and increase support for the private sector in its financial policy.

First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton said this to journalists on Friday in Tokyo. He was in Japan for the regular inspection by the International Monetary Fund.

Lipton said the economic policy of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, dubbed "abenomika" had a promising start. However, he said, in the long term may be significant risks.
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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he intends to vigorously assist Somalia in the construction of the state by assisting in the development that is oriented to the needs of the people for the sake of a bright future of this country.

Shinzo Abe attended the summit in Yokohama south of Tokyo, where they discussed ways to help the civil war-torn Somalia. The meeting took place on the eve of the opening on Saturday also at Yokohama Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

At the discussion was also attended by Somali President of Somalia Sheikh Hassan Mahmoud and represe ... Read more »
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The Japanese government subsidizes the cost of more than $ 16 million to train police and border guards in Africa to fight terrorism.

This amount is part of the recommended recently by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan measures against attacks by international terrorists.

In January, a group of armed Muslims attacked a complex for the production of natural gas in Algeria that killed the Japanese and other foreign nationals.

The n ... Read more »
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South Korea's new ambassador to Japan expressed a desire to improve bilateral relations.

Lee Byung-Ki told Japanese reporters in Seoul on Friday that President Pak Kin Hyo asked him to stabilize relations.

He acknowledged the fact that both countries are going through a difficult time. However, he expressed the hope of improving the bilateral relations during his time as ambassador.

Source: NHK
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Friday began meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with African leaders. Abe explains to them the Japanese plan to expand investment and increase the contribution of Japan to Africa's development.

These meetings precede the opening of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Africa or in short TICAD, which starts on Saturday in the city of Yokohama.
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The leaders of Japan and Tanzania have agreed to start preparing for negotiations on a bilateral agreement on investment.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania, in Tokyo on Thursday.

Japanese firms are stepping up their activities in Tanzania, and the agreement on investment is expected to facilitate the work of the Japanese side in this country.

Abe Kikwete said that he would make efforts for ... Read more »
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Last week, the amount of sales of shares by foreign investors on the Tokyo Stock Exchange exceeded the amount of purchase.

According to officials of the exchange, foreigners who have contributed to the recent rise in share prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, were last week, network vendors for the first time in three weeks.

Sales amount is reported to exceed the purchase price of more than $ 160 million.

Officials from the Tokyo Stock E ... Read more »
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From September this year, the University of Tokyo will offer two free training course in "online" for everyone in the world.

On Thursday, the university has recorded lectures for one of these courses on the origin of the universe.

The University of Tokyo will offer free courses in English language through a global open-line system "Coursera", introduced last year by professors at Stanford University in the U.S..

Anyone can become a memb ... Read more »
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Japan and China have built a large aviary to help artificially derived crested ibis adapt to the wild. This aviary is a collaborative project that is created in a nature reserve in the Chinese province of Henan.

On Thursday, on the occasion of the completion of the ceremony, which was attended by officials of the State Forestry Administration of China and the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment of Japan.

Aviary has a height of about 30 meters. There are trees and a pond, so that the birds will be able to get used to flying and foraging in the wild. Japan has provided for the ... Read more »
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On the eve of the opening of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Yokohama City Aquarium demonstrates rare frogs and other aquatic inhabitants of Africa.

Among the exhibits are on display in the aquarium Hakkejima Sea Paradise, you can see the fish with large fins, like the wings of a butterfly, from the Congo River.

Much to the delight of the visitors is the penguin parade, brought from the South African Republic. The audience with loud applause greeted the appearance of penguins on which traditional African attire.
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Japanese archaeologists have found the mask of wood, which was made more than 1,800 years ago and is the oldest known wooden masks.

A group of archaeologists, who worked under the direction of the municipal department of education, the mask unearthed from the ruins in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, western Japan.

Mask in length slightly greater than 23 centimeters. She seems to be split in half along its length. Found width of 7 cm, but if we apply the missing half the entire width is approximately 16 cm

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