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Japanese Prime Minister meets with African leaders on the eve of the conference TICAD
Friday began meeting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with African leaders. Abe explains to them the Japanese plan to expand investment and increase the contribution of Japan to Africa's development.

These meetings precede the opening of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Africa or in short TICAD, which starts on Saturday in the city of Yokohama.

The conference, which is held every five years, will be attended by some 50 African countries and international organizations.

Shinzo Abe is going to hold the margin of the conference on-one meetings with the leaders of about 40 African countries.

On Friday morning, he met with Prime Minister of Ethiopia Haylemariamom Desalenem. It is believed that during the meeting Abe told about Japan's plan to help the African region through increased investment by Japanese business circles.

Source: NHK
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SB: I read the book last month. It is predictably bland for what you'd epcxet from a person ready to assume office (think of A Charge to Keep ). I'd be interested to see what chapters were select-translated. YH: If we use Nexon's bookmark, both Koizumi and Abe are neocons they want a powerful, even extra-powerful U.S. to be the big bully on the block of world affairs. They think the UN is pretty damn useless, although they would never say so in public, and their desire for US power is based on a rational and realist analysis of their national interest the desire to keep the US strong, so strong that it's the distant offshore balancer of the Far East that can keep the lid on an aggressive North Korea and an growing China.

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